Having a hard time sticking to your New Years resolutions? Here's some advice on healthy habits from Boston experts including Wade Kittelson, personal trainer manager at Life Time Athletic Westwood. For the full article, click here

1.  Make it about you!  Be selfish! Take the time to become a better version of yourself.  This will make all aspects of your life better…sleep, relationships, work/life balance, parenting.  You will be amazed how much better you feel when you take the time to make it about you.

2.  Make the Commitment!  The average person tries, and usually fails, to lose weight 3x/year. So, over a 20 year span, you could have tried and failed 60 times.  This is not only frustrating but demoralizing.  Make a plan of action and commit to it with no exceptions.

3.  Find the support you need!  Whether it’s a Fitness Professional, friends/family, or a Group Fitness class that just seems to be the perfect fit.  We work better in groups and need the extra support when life gets in the way.