If the word “Spartan” has you dreaming of matching your wits and strength against intense obstacle races involving fire, mud, and barbed wire, you might be interested in a new fitness class being offered at Life Time's three Boston-area locations: Spartan Strong.

Spartan Strong classes aim to challenge participants both mentally and physically, utilizing a combination of resistance training, body weight moves, dynamic stretching, and cardio drills. The hour-long class will increase your strength, endurance, and athleticism—sometimes with the help of the Spartan Pancake, a weighted circular sandbag. Instructors, many of whom compete in Spartan Races, have completed rigorous training by both Spartan Race and Life Time to be able to best prepare you for your own challenges, on or off the course.

To learn more about Life Time's new Spartan Strong class, head to bostonmagazine.com!