While the seasons seem to change daily in Boston, the interior design community is already in spring mode. Boston Common Magazine spoke with our client, Patrick Planeta, about the most popular spring design trends. 

Trends: Technology & Texture

"Technology continues to play a key role in current design trends. Embracing the innovations is certainly popular this season - whether it's automated glass sliding doors that open to a 90-degree corner of a room with the simple touch of a button, or an iPhone app that controls a hydraulic hinge system for a secret wine cellar - we think outside of the box and utilize the unexpected. Texture is a major design element. We've utilized it by layering luxurious textures to create surfaces that haven't always been adorned, such as textured wood floors, horsehair walls, or raked cedar ceilings. We've even gone so far as to wrap the horsehair on panels for a concealed acoustical treatment."

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