Gone are the days when PR firms churned out press releases or sent a flurry of tweets and hoped for the best. Instead, you need a nimble, bespoke approach to get heard in today's crowded marketplace. And you want real results.

That's where we come in.

At Kortenhaus, we're endlessly creative in how we grab audience attention and keep it. We work to build lasting partnerships across industries and communities to help our clients grow. And grow.


We get you connected.

We build solid and durable relationships.

We are nimble and responsive.


Check out our impressive toolkit, which goes far beyond the ho-hum social media blitz.

we can throw a party

At Kortenhaus, we are experts at creating memorable events that perfectly match your message and attract enviable media attention. With dozens of creative partners in the planning industry, we can manage your groundbreaking, store launch, and fundraiser from permitting to logistics, to ensure seamless delivery. Prepare to be wowed.


  • news conferences
  • exhibition openings
  • film premieres
  • property openings
  • product launches
  • gala fundraisers

we can build BUZZ (and not just online)

Front page stories or highly targeted social media campaigns. Traditional ads or guerilla marketing. Whatever approach aligns best with your brand, we'll collaborate with you to shape and execute a strategic plan. Let's get the word out. 

  • communications strategy & civic outreach
  • advertising concept
  • development & design

we can craft your story

Suddenly reporters are calling. You want to be sure that you and your staff stay on-message. Or maybe you've been expanding into new markets and want to refine, or redefine, your public image. From executive coaching to staff training to taking the reins, we can control the flow of information to protect, preserve, and build your brand.

  • crisis and issues management
  • strategic message development publicity action plans
  • reputation management